Fees & Charges

A. Fees

A.1 The fees and charges related to the registration of domain names with KNNIC are shown below. All fees and charges are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

A.2 Within the first fourteen (14) days following the submission of an application to register a new domain name to KNNIC (“the New Registration Delete Grace Period”), charges relating to such application (and any renewals of the registration thereof filed within this period) may be refunded at KNNIC’s sole discretion to the registrar upon the registrar’s request to KNNIC, provided that such domain name registration is deleted before the expiry of the said New Registration Delete Grace Period. All fees and charges payable to KNNIC are otherwise non-refundable.

A.3 KNNIC reserves the right to introduce additional charges or amend its fees and charges from time to time by giving thirty (30) days’ email notification to the registrars and by posting the changes on KNNIC website thirty (30) days before they are effected.

A.4 All fees and charges in connection with the registration of a domain name shall be payable by the registrar thereof to KNNIC. KNNIC may but shall not be obliged to deduct such fees against the balance of the registrar’s funds held in the KNNIC Deposit Account.